• Genre(s): Horror, Thriller
  • Running Time: 103 minutes
  • Cast: Nicholas Gob, Helena Coppejans
  • Director: Benjamin Viré


Max, an agoraphobic golf fan, leads a secluded life in the woods. While practicing his stroke, he stumbles upon an unconscious young woman covered in blood. He takes her home and takes care of her, no questions asked.

When she escapes into the night one evening, he elects to follow her. He’s shocked to find her seducing men only to eat them alive while having sex.

Bewildered yet fascinated, Max enters into a romantic relationship with her, arelationship that vascillates between fear and tenderness. He’s not the only one who’s interested in the young woman, though. When she’s abducted from him, Max will need come face to face with a violent gangster past that haunts him.

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