• Genre(s): Historical Drama / War
  • Running Time: 117min
  • Cast: Crystal-Donna Roberts, Armand Aucamp, Jacques Bessenger, Deon Lotz, Brendon Daniels, Roeline Daneel, and Marcel van Heerden
  • Director: Roberta Durrant

Based on the remarkable true story.

Young Krotoa is forcibly taken from her Afrikaan tribe into the home of Dutch colonialists. In their presence, she becomes a skilled translator, but her unique place in the Dutch-Khoi conflict perilously suspends her over the divide between two cultures. She is fatally accused of being a traitor by the Dutch and Khoi alike, but there is hope yet for this tragic heroine as her life journey leads to the birth of a nation by unifying what was once torn apart by race.
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