• Genre(s): Science Fiction
  • Running Time: 87m
  • Cast: John Billingsley (The Nine, Star Trek: Enterprise), Ellen Crawford (TV's E), William Katt (Carrie), Richard Reihle (Bridesmaids, Office Space, Star Trek: Enterprise), David Lee Smith (CSI: Miami, Zodiac, Fight Club), Tony Todd (Final Destination 5, Candyman)
  • Director: Richard Schenkman
  • Presentation
When Professor John Oldman mysteriously bids farewell to his colleagues, he confesses that he's an immortal who has walked the Earth for 14,000 years – a claim that will challenge his friends' fundamental beliefs and assumptions. From acclaimed sci-fi writer Jerome Bixby, Man from Earth comes a mysterious tale of supernatural self-discovery.
[LA Times Article] "As he lay dying, Jerome Bixby dictated his last screenplay to his son. Nine years later, 'The Man From Earth' will screen at Comic-Con.'"

[The Providence Journal] "Mysterious and subtle and convincing . . . devastatingly clever. "

[DVD Critics Awards] WINNER · Best Non-Theatrical Movie DVD

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