a.k.a. ‘O Nome De Morte’ / ‘A Man Called Death’

Based on the Best-Selling True Story Book

Music by Brian Eno


Julio Santana, a pious young man, is recruited by his cynical uncle into a job as a hitman. Over the course of his deadly career in an unlawful country, Julio asassinates an unthinkable four hundred and ninety-two people, but with every pull of the trigger, Julio’s conscience is tormented. As his calling as a husband and father grows louder, an impossible double life crescendos to its breaking point in this remarkably true story of corruption, contradiction, and confession.


  • CAST

    Marco Pigossi (Edge of Desire)
    André Mattos (Narcos)
    Matheus Nachtergaele
    Fabiula Nascimento (A Wolf At The Door)


Rio Film Festival
São Paulo Film Festival