“I’ve done 23 years 9 months in Gaol. I’ve done 10 1/2 years in H Division. I’ve been stabbed 13 times in 7 different episodes. I’ve been hit on the head with iron bars. I’ve been hit on the head with claw hammers, shot once, I’ve been run over. I’ve survived 60 serves of shock treatment in 6 months, 1 serve every 3 days. They certified me 3 times, once at the age of 15, once at the age of 19 and once at the age of 23. I’ve been bloody well bashed and belted from one end of the street to the other. I’ve had everything done to me. I wouldn’t recommend going to Gaol, I wouldn’t recommend my life to anybody. It’s a bloody dog’s life, a shit life, a terrible life. I wouldn’t recommend it to anybody.” A raw, unique and personal account of Mark ‘Chopper’ Read’s life in his own words. In this documentary Mark shares graphic and brutally honest stories of violence, blood, love and survival.



    Damon Cameron & Steve Lund


    73 minutes

  • GENRE(S)


  • CAST

    Mark "Chopper" Read