Shoreline offers GatebreakR, a zero delivery charge aggregation service on a revenue share model and paying Content Providers a share of gross.

As the world of film distribution has undergone dramatic changes over the last few years, we have positioned GatebreakR to play a potent role in getting content released. Our prowess in this space has seen us engaged by more than a dozen rights-holders of libraries to get their titles up on everything from the large multi-national powerhouses such as Amazon to the newer AVOD startups, some of whom have since broken out to become major players (hey there, Tubi!). The nature of these deals can range from onboarding, say, ten films from a filmmaker friend, to ingesting in excess of five-hundred titles from a distributor to whom we have sold titles in the past. The scope of rights we are exploiting are equally broad, from providing delivery services at no cost for specific channels that fall a under distributor’s own footprint in exchange for a portion of the revenues, to managing all rights worldwide (usually excepting a channel or two).

Our aggregation deals have added 2,000 feature films and 150 series (about 2,500 episodes) to our active lineup. Those titles join the roughly 350 films we have acquired through our legacy sales agency model, a model we are still robustly practicing in our 4th decade of business, with no plans of stopping or slowing down.

We are robustly adding channels (and all other distribution options) to our model continuously, and we have activated films and series on more than 100 distinct outlets. While always considering exclusive window opportunities, our overarching ethos is to get content exploited everywhere quickly on a global scale.

To achieve that goal, we have deals (and regular meetings) where we deploy our wealth of experience and cache as an international sales agent to get our line-up optimally exploited on the gamut of name-brand streamers including Apple, Google, Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Amazon, Disney+, Tubi, The Roku Channel, HBO, Xumo, Plex, et al.

However, as an aggregator to seasoned distributors, what is often more important is our ability, and willingness, to deliver our content to the many new and/or niche channels most have not yet heard of —yet. Sometimes it is about adding up the nickels and generating incremental revenue from a source a distributor didn’t know was available or did not think was worth the effort. GateBreakR aggregation typically incorporate TVOD, EST, SVOD, AVOD and FAST, various forms of Television, Physical Media and even the-not-so-frequently considered transportation, library and prison rights.

While we are NOT offering GatebreakR aggregation services to the public at large, if you know us (or you are really convinced that we should be friends), we would be most happy to explore how we can help you. Please reach out to the personal Shoreline email you already have or to [email protected].